Alright since we are getting bigger i wanted to make this because i hope it will help keep track of who are the Broncos Fans. So essentially just tell us why you are a Broncos fan, what other sports teams you root for, like i root for the Red Sox. Other interests, stuff like that. Well you know how it works.

Well i started rooting for the Broncos actually the year before the superbowl runs, so i have always thought i was good for the Broncos. I have a couple of cousins from Denver which got me really interested in the amazing John Elway. I was made the Broncos Team Manager because i am a Broncos fan and i wanted to increase the flow here. I also root for the Red Sox because my grandparents are from the area where the Sox used to have a minor league team and they would watch all the time, and he went to North Eastern. I have rooted for the Sox ever since i went to a game at the age of 8 and saw the amazing spirit the fans displayed. Another team i root for is VT because i like Beamer ball and i am from Virginia, the only team i root for because i life there.