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Calls that AREN'T bad?

Were you watching the game? Take off your clemson glasses and try to watch this game objectively. There were piss poor calls for both teams, and I even admitted so on the PI call early in the game on Byrd (or AJ..idk). The only call that I was really "whining" about was the muffed punt because it was probably the stupidest **** I've ever seen.

I knew you were being sarcastic in the previous post...because everything you post seems to be sarcastic, and douchey.
The muffed punt was fair, you can't be up a guy's *** like that when he calls for a fair catch. You have to give him room to catch, which Storm Johnson didn't do. You whined about Harper's "fumble" too. Why don't you take your "Miami glasses" off and realize that it wasn't that bad, but you just didn't get enough calls going your way to satisfy you. See? That's a ******** thing to say in a game where you're cheering for a team involved. You can't honestly tell me that you're completely objective.