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    Jul 2009
    East Atlanta
    1. Location - Chico, Ca.
    2. Favorite Current Hawk - Horford
    3. Favorite Former Hawk - Stacey Augmon, Nique
    4. Other teams in the NBA you root for? anyone playing the lakers or heat
    5. Other sports you enjoy? What other sporting teams do you root for? Philadelphia Eagles and LA Dodgers
    6. Anything else you care to share? - If a father asked his son to mow the lawn and once he was done he would give him $20, if the kid mowed 85% of it and went to his dad and asked for the $20 what would the dads response be? Likley response would be you did not complete what you set out to do so therefore you would not get the full $20. With this being said Jordan set out to dunk from behind the free throw line and went over the line not completeing what he set out to do so why give him a perfect score?? Nique was robbed in the dunk contest.
    Welcome to the boards!
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    We sold our soul to the Devil for the '96 Olympics and now we're cursed

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    Jun 2013

    Hello Everyone!

    Location = Elk Grove, Ca
    Favorite Player(new&old) = Atlanta Hawks, I follow the team not players.
    I dont follow any other NBA team
    Other Sports I follow = NFL(Falcons), MLB(Braves), NCAA FOOTBALL(UGA, GSU Eagles), NCAA BASEBALL(same)

    Make it easy for you guys to understand, born and raised in GA, moved to Cali 15 years ago.

    I coach football(hence the name).

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