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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerry34 View Post
    It's amazing that Grayson would think you could put an add like that out there and not think you would get called on it. But I guess with our lazy media you never know.
    Grayson doesn't strike me as a thinker. He just attacks. He attacks anyone who disagrees with him with over the top personal attacks. That's his deal. He considers it gutsy.

    As far as getting called out on it. Saying crazy **** is what got him some notoriety. So I figure he's just keeping up with that shtick. There's also a strain of thought on the left that feels Democrats aren't "tough" enough. Grayson takes that general idea and goes overboard with it. So he may view himself as righteous because he's doing to his opponent, what Breitbart did to Sherrod. Or he's doing to his opponent what the swift boat guys did to Kerry. Goes back to the "guts" thing. Hence his website name: Which someone responded to by making a "mycongressmanisnuts" website focused on Grayson. He responded to that by claiming he wanted the woman who ran that site to be thrown in prison.

    But it might not be shtick, because I get the sense that Grayson might legitimately be nuts.

    Also. Another factor. Left wingers seem to have a bit more leeway at the moment to say crazy ****. Grayson has gotten blowback for some of the things he has said, but not at the level he would have if he were on the right. I mean. Everyone is focused on Christine O'donnell's comments on masturbation from 15 years ago. Alan Grayson refers to a woman as a "K street whore" and doesn't get that much attention. So, perhaps Grayson just thought he could get away with it.
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