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    Happy Birthday Patsfan56!

    I know we dont usually do this here, but i felt it was warranted. The man has fought to keep us safe and now i will use my freedom of speech to say happy birthday to him. Today (9/11) is his birthday, so while most of you wont see this until tomorrow (9/12) i feel it is a good thing to do.
    Quote Originally Posted by Phantom Dreamer View Post
    Hillary Clinton was a historically weak candidate who embodied everything many Americans are repulsed by: elitism, neoliberalism, corruption, war mongering, racism, special interests. It's amazing her supporters are still looking for scapegoats for her failure.
    Quote Originally Posted by dbroncos78087 View Post
    You keep spouting off fake generalizations as if it is eternally profound. Can you start bringing specifics or cut it out? Thanks!
    Still waiting on one verifiable point for this my good man.


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    Thanks Dbronc, that was very kind.

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