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    Quote Originally Posted by behindmydesk View Post
    How's Bush's heisman working out for you guys?
    About as well as Notre Dames football program has worked for you the last few years.
    Here is the question of the day, does anyone think that wealthy people should pay a lower percentage of their income to taxes than middle class people? Don't argue tax brackets, just a simple question. Do you think someone earning 46 million dollars should pay a lower percentage of their income than say someone earning sixty thousand?

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    Quote Originally Posted by OptimisticNot View Post
    Oh, so we let polls dictate public policy now?
    Matters of government service we should. But Public Policy is a separate issue from rights. Rights are, as stated in the Declaration given by the "creator", now what you interpret that to mean is a separate issue.
    Think long and hard about why you respond to nonsense. Please!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gcoll View Post
    The election of 2008 was pretty much just a poll.

    The side that has the polls in its favor refers to the polls. That's how things go.
    Yup, a poll in which barely a third of eligible voters bothered to participate. When given 2 bad options, many chose to not bother.

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    Polls only reflect those who bother to respond to them. I would never take a poll on anything to be any sort of rock-solid indication of what this entire country thought at any given moment in history.

    That said, I wonder how some would react if there was a poll that said something like 71% of Americans favored gay marriage, the Health Care Reform bill, or the Iraq War.

    When the GOP uses a majority to cite the merits of an idea of their's, they do it usually in the response of a dismissal, insult, or both from the Democrat leadership in government to one of their ideas. Just because a majority can be wrong, and has been wrong, at points in history, to use those unfortunate points to dismiss the majority of people today is completely without logic, and relevance, to the issue being discussed, regardless of what it is, unless the intent is to never follow where the majority wants to go.
    "If [Republicans] were around when Columbus set sail, they must have been founding members of the Flat Earth Society." -- Pres. Barack Obama

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    ^ No wonder all of the distrust of our government, where's a LEADER when you need one.

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