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Thread: Bowling!

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    Thanks for the suggestions LGB. I went in there today before bowling started and they do have the Marauder Madness. Apparently i can also upgrade from what i would get for the free raffle ball and just pay the difference if i wanted a more expensive one. So i can basically get a ball that runs 230 somethin all drilled and everything for like 30 bucks. I jotted down a few names of what they have, but now im ****ed up and cant find i wrote, lol. I love bowling night. All i can remember offhand is something called The Look, that was one of the more expensive ones. When i watched the video for the Marauder that you posted, i was pretty much sold instantly when it said its good for high ball speed/low rev players. Thats me...but im going to keep searching since i know i can get a high priced ball now and just pay the differrence.

    I bowled a 604, which is over avg, but felt like i bowled much worse. But whatever give me that ****!
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