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    1) Aroldis Chapman LHSP/RP
    2) Yonder Alonso 1B
    3) Devin Mesoraco C
    4) Yasmani Grandel C
    5) Billy Hamilton 2B/SS
    6) Todd Frazier LF/3B/2B
    7) Yorman Rodriguez OF
    8) Donnie Joseph LHRP
    9) Zach Cozart SS
    10) Juan Francisco 3B/LF
    11) Ryan LaMarre OF
    12) Dave Sappelt CF
    13) Chris Valaika 2B/SS
    14) Matt Fairel LHSP
    15) Neftali Soto 1B/C
    16) Felix Perez OF
    17) Brad Boxberger RHSP/RP
    18) Jordan Smith RHRP
    19) Mariekson Gregorious SS
    20) Henry Rodriguez 2B
    21) Juan Duran OF
    22) Junior Arias SS
    23) Drew Cisco RHSP
    24) Daniel Dorn OF/1B
    25) Ronald Torreyes 2B
    26) Daniel Tuttle RHSP
    27) Ismael Guillon LHSP
    28) Philippe Valiquette LHRP
    29) Kyle Waldrop OF
    30) Kyle Lotzkar RHSP

    Prospects who may have made this list but have lost their eligibility this season.

    Travis Wood
    Chris Heisey
    Matt Maloney
    Logan Ondrusek
    Sam LeCure
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    Very nice lists guys, keep 'em coming!

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    The Indians top ten may looks as follows:

    1. Carlos Santana | C | Age – 24: Was more than the hype before being injured blocking the plate for the Indians. Should be good to go as the Indian's starting catcher in 2011.

    2. Carlos Carrasco | RHSP | Age – 23: Maturing before our eyes. Four MLB starts, all quality. His live arm and growing confidence as a starting pitcher are easy to see.

    3. Jason Kipnis | OF/2b | Age – 23: Progressed through the minor leagues like being shot out of a cannon. Has the ability to contribute both offensively and defensively.

    4. Cord Phelps |2b | Age - 23: Clone to Kipnis as both could be considered top five prospects as middle infielders. Hits and hits and hits. A real gamer.

    5. Lonnie Chissenhall | 3b | Age – 21: Good work ethic at a premium/need position. Is smooth in the field and has a perfectly honed swing with excellent bat to ball skills.

    6. Alex White | RHP | Age – 21: Projects as a middle of the rotation to front of the rotation starter or could be moved to the pen to hasten his ascent to MLB. Is very strong and committed to his craft.

    7. Jason Knapp | RHP | Age – 19: Has come all the way back from shoulder surgery and led the High Class A K-Tribe to the SALLY League Championship. He will move rapidly up the Indians system over the next year to two years.

    8. Jeanmar Gomez | RHP | Age – 21: Even at the ripe old age of 21, he's had success at the big league level. This is not a mirage. He's a strike thrower with a sinking/tailing fastball. His secondary offerings are middling MLB ready. He projects to a middle of the order SP.

    9. Drew Pomeranz | LHP | Age - 21: Recent (2010) first round draft choice who has yet to throw a single pitch as a professional. The talent is there.. now comes the hard work.

    10. Josh Tomlin | RHP | Age - 26: Getting a bit long in the tooth as a prospect but has shown the ability to throw quality strikes with a cut fastball, change up and slow curve. He projects as a back of the rotation starting pitcher.

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    1)Brandon Belt
    2)Brandon Belt
    3)Brandon Belt
    4)Brandon Belt
    5)Brandon Belt
    6)Brandon Belt
    7)Brandon Belt
    8)Brandon Belt
    9)Brandon Belt
    10)Brandon Belt

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    1.Brandon Belt 1B
    2.Thomas Neal LF
    3.Zack Wheeler RHP
    4.Francisco Peguero CF
    5.Thomas Joseph C/1B
    6.Conor Gillaspie 3B
    7.Charlie Culberson 2B
    8.Brandon Crawford SS
    9.Gary Brown CF
    10.Rafael Rodrizguez OF
    Last edited by Hopper15; 10-06-2010 at 11:58 PM. Reason: forgot to list positions

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    Red Sox:

    1. Casey Kelly
    2. Ryan Kalish
    3. Anthony Rizzo
    (Ryan Westmoreland) don't know if he comes back.
    4. Felix Doubront
    (Junichi Tazawa) don't know when/if he pitches again.
    5. Jose Iglesias
    6. Stolmy Pimentel
    7. Lars Anderson
    8. Anthony Ranaudo
    9. Drake Britton
    10.Kolbrin Vitek
    11.Josh Reddick
    12.Will Middlebrooks
    13.Reymond Fuentes
    14.Oscar Tejeda
    15.Ryan Lavarnway
    16.Yamaico Navarro
    17.Michael Bowden
    18.Che-Hsuan Lin
    19.Brandon Workman
    20.Garin Gecchini

    Bobby V is all in!

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    Corning, NY
    I'm probably way off but going to take a shot at it...


    1) 2B Dustin Ackley
    2) SP Michael Pineda
    3) SS Nick Franklin
    4) OF Greg Halman
    5) 3B Alex Liddi
    6) MR Josh Lueke (if he ever plays for us)
    7) 1B Matt Mangini
    8) SP Blake Beavan
    9) SP Mauiricio Robles
    10) SP Dan Cortes
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    Quote Originally Posted by papipapsmanny View Post

    1.) Anthony Rizzo 1B
    2.) Casey Kelly SP
    3.) Ryan Westmoreland OF (looks like he is coming back)
    4.) Ryan Kalish OF (Some MLB experience)
    5.) Felix Doubrount P (MLB Experience)
    6.) Lars Anderson 1B
    7.) Jose Igelsias SS
    8.) Kolbrin Vitek 3B
    10.) Anthony Ranaudo SP
    11.) Stolmy Pimental SP
    12.) Josh Reddick OF
    13.) Will Middlebrooks 3B
    14.) Oscar Tejada SS
    15.) Yamaico Navarro SS/2B
    16.) Ryan Lavarnway C/1B/DH
    17.) Ramon Fuentes OF
    18.) Michael Bowden P
    19.) Brandon Workman SP
    20.) Luis Exposito C

    Lots of other guys but im just doing top 20
    Westmoreland had all the talent in the world. It is a shame what happened to him and good to hear he is making progress. I wish him all the luck in the world but I don't think you can just slide him back into the 3 slot on the list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheHughesUnit View Post

    Royals top 40. I think they have the best farm in baseball myself.
    Yeah I love the Royals system too. Their top 3 are awesome (2 at premier positions) and they have a guy like Aaron Crow at 12.

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    (please forgive me now if there are any spelling errors)

    1. Montero C
    2. Manny Banelos LHP
    3. Dellen Betences RHP
    4. Gary Sanchez C
    5. Slade Heathcott OF
    6. Graham Stoneburner RHP
    7. Austin Romine C
    8. Ivan Nova RHP
    9. Andrew Brackman RHP
    10. Eduardo Nunez SS
    11. Adam Warren RHP
    12. Brandon Laird 3B/DH
    13. Cito Culvar SS
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    being a fan of the team with one of if not the worst farm in baseball:the cardinals

    it goes

    shelby miller
    zack cox
    the kid who boston voided his contract because he lied on his age----changes his name to martinez before being cleared on his age when signing his contract with the cardinals. dominican prospect (had better pure numbers than miller in less innings last year)
    tavares(and other dominican OF prospects in the lower A ball ranks)
    matt carpenter

    after that its a crap shoot, they all pretty much suck, one will have a good year, and be named cards prospect of the year, then flop every year after that.

    the funny thing is the only prospect on my list that didntspend last year in the A ball ranks was matt carpenter. he was in AA, but is 26 so how old is the age limit before the term prospect gets dropped from consideration for minor league players

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    Mathias you mean.

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    1. Jose Iglesias
    - Ryan Westmoreland (No confirmation)
    2. Anthony Ranaudo
    3. Drake Britton
    4. Felix Doubront
    5. Stolmy Pimentel
    6. Josh Reddick
    7. Garin Cecchini
    8. Kolbrin Vitek
    9. Yamaicco Navarro
    10. Sean Coyle

    A mix of realistic and upsides. Mixing in America/trade (Adrian Gonzalez)/Personal preference and or opinion. Ryan Kalish and Lars Anderson are on longer technically considered prospects due to playing time eligibility. Casey Kelly, Anthony Rizzo, Reymond Fuentes were traded. I expect Bryce Brentz to crack to top 10 in no time.

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    Lars Anderson is technically still a prospect, it's just Callis admitted he messed up on him, so he wasn't on their top 10. I think he said he was 14th before the trade.

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    1. Domonic Brown
    2. Jon Singleton
    3. Jarred Cosart
    4. Trevor May
    5. Brody Colvin
    6-10. Meh
    (-14,000,000). Anthony Hewitt

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