Down year for the Yankees farm system as it seemed almost everyone got hurt. You're bound to have those kind of years though, so you have to take the good with the bad. Williams, Sanchez, and Austin really made improvements and Heathcott finally got to shine on a 'big' stage in the AFL. Here's my top 10 for the Yankees...

1. Gary Sanchez C - Really love the bat, I think he breaks in similar to Montero, but the key is he might take a year at the major to adjust and become a real prime time hitter, will the Yankees wait that long with him?

2. Slade Heathcott OF - Again, I love the bat and I love the player. People say he plays with too much intensity, but he's an old school player who goes all out on every play. Sure thats made him get hurt, but maybe as he grows into a man he'll mature on that level too. I still hope he plays 110% all the time, but takes precaution. I really like his talent skill and if there wasn't concern about his health he'd be a clear #1 for me.

3. Mason Williams CF - Maybe one of the most exciting prospects we have had in a while. I believe he could be similar to Austin Jackson, maybe better, maybe worse.

4. Tyler Austin OF - Solid player, I believe he'll hit at the major league level. will he do anything else though?

5. Jose Campos RHP - tore it up then got hurt. I look for him to get right back on track come May. Power arm, love the stuff.

6. Manny Banuelos LHP - He'll miss 2013, but he's still young. It sucks they didn't find out he needed TJS until end of the season, but I still have high hopes for him! If he had TJS last May I'd have him 4th on this list.

7. Jose DePaula RHP - Honestly I believe you could have him 1 to 50 on this list. Upside is huge, but he hasn't pitched much due to VISA problems. Could be #1 on this list next year or could be forgotten by this time next year.

8. Angelo Gumbs 2B - Been a fan of his since draft day. Sweet, powerful swing. Athelic to boot.

9. Ty Hensley RHP - 2012 first rounder, big time stuff, but questionable shoulder.

10. Mark Montgomery RHRP - Could be the best relief pitcher in the minors, or at least top three. gotta love that slider. Look out for Nick Goody too.

Sleeper - Jose Ramirez.

Buy low - Dellin Betances - Hopefully they move him to the bullpen and he can take off from there, otherwise look for a team to gamble on him and move him to the bullpen and turn out another Clippard or Garcia type arm.