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Thread: TOP 5 rookies

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manatoo View Post
    With that .360 BABIP? Nty.
    Yet Buster who you named had a higher BABIP? But thats ok I guess.

    I wouldn't be shocked if Starlin always has a rather high BABIP for his career. He's already posted a 2.1 WAR. His numbers since the all star break are insane.

    I think Strasburg has amazing potential. But to have him on your top 5 rookies before casto I don't really understand. He's already been hurt twice. And I wouldn't be shocked if he always has arm problems with his terrible arm slot. I wish I could find the article that had him with the same arm slot as Carpenter, Prior, Wood, Burnett and a few others. Although his 2.6 WAR already is very very impressive.

    I see where you are coming from. Maybe I value Starlin more being a Cubs fan. But with MLB love of Batting average and other Raw stats, I will not be shocked if he gets ROY or at least runner up.
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