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I go back to the late 50's with the Rangers in the old garden. I also remember seeing Glen Sather as a Ranger. Let me tell you that Sather would drop the gloves with anybody. He was more of a checking line player, never a big goal scorer. But He was a hard hitter who kept people honest. I remember when Rod Gilbert played his 1st game. The big thing then was no cable guys so no home games on TV. Sat night games in Canada were on TV sometimes tape delayed as well. I lived in the Bronx so when cable first came out, you had to go to Manhattan to watch a Ranger game.
That is awesome. You go back to the times of my dad. Do you remember Camile Henry? That was one of his favorite players. Slats was a tough player. I would bet there are many good Ranger fans that have no idea Slats played in the NHL never mind for the Rangers.