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    2013 Free Agent Thread

    As most Celtics fans know we are historically not exactly a top notch free agent destination location. Combine that with the fact that we are currently projected to be over the cap next season (Assuming PP and KG are back with the team). All this aside, who would you like to see the C's go after and sign this off-season?

    Obviously the C's will have to do some salary manuevering (sign and trades, cap relief, etc.) to make room for some of the bigger names, but lets have fun and see what everyone thinks!

    Here's a list of restricted and UFA for the upcoming off season:
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    If Sullinger ever finishes an NBA season in the top 75 in Win Shares, I'll quit the forum.
    ^^ Deal taken! ^^

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    Closing this because this is what the Off-season thread is for...

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