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    Masoli Headed to Ole Miss

    A source told ESPN's Joe Schad that former Oregon QB Jeremiah Masoli is expected to enroll at Ole Miss.
    -Addicted to Quack

    Learn your lesson Masoli.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bradyistheman12 View Post
    -Addicted to Quack

    Learn your lesson Masoli.
    Sad to hear. I had really high expectations for the Ducks.

    I think Jeremiah gets portrayed in a bad light, but not many people know the whole story or the actual person... I went to school with him, and he was there for my final 2 years, chilled with him a couple of times. He's actually a really quiet, reserved, and humble guy. Not a felon like the media (falsely)portrays.

    Check out this article:

    It sheds a lot of light on what actually went wrong with Masoli.

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