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    Best and Worst Drafts Picks of the Dom Administration

    I wanted to see how opinions differ on this. I listed the top 5 and worst 5 picks since 2009 (When Dom took over). These are not the best/worst 5 players we drafted, but the best/worst 5 picks based on the player we got compared to the round pick we used.

    Best 5 picks:
    1. M. Williams 4th round 2010
    2. L. David 2nd round 2012
    3. D. Martin 1st round 2012
    4. Mason Foster 3rd round 2011
    5. G. Mccoy 1st round 2010

    Honarable mentions- J. Freeman 1st rd 2009, E. Biggers 7th rd 2009

    Worst 5:
    1. M. Lewis 3rd rd 2010
    2. B. Price 2nd rd 2010
    3. A. Benn 2nd rd 2010
    4. K. Moore 4th rd. 2009
    5. Lot of players would tie here, those 4 are the main ones for me.

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    So I think u pretty much nailed it.

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    His 2010 draft really shows the highs and the lows really well, His best value pick of his term id have to say is Lorig though since he is turning into one of the better FB's in the league enough though he was drafted to play D. Just shows what a crapshoot the draft really can be!

    Gerald McCoy 3 1st
    Mike Williams 101 4th
    Cody Grimm 7th 210
    Dekoda Watson 7th 217
    Erik Lorig 7th 253

    Brian Price 2nd 35 (Sean Lee/Carlos Dunlap)
    Arrelious Benn 2nd 39 (Javier Arenas)
    Myron Lewis 3rd 67 (Eric Decker/Aaron Hernandez/Dennis Pitta)
    Brent Bowden 172 6th (Anthony Dixon, Jonathan Dwyer, Trindon Holliday)

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    He's def better in the back end of drafting

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    1- Mike Williams 4th round
    2- Doug Martin 1st round ( Pro-Bowl Rookie)
    3- Gerald McCoy 1st round ( Pro-Bowl)
    4- Josh Freeman 1st round ( Pro-Bowl, and has set multiple franchise records)
    5- EJ Biggers 7th round

    1- Brian Price 2nd round ( was suppose to be part of the youngest and scariest tackle combos in the NFL)
    2- Brent Bowden 6th round( was suppose to be our starting punter)
    3- Xavier Fulton 5th round ( was suppose to develop at either tackle position)
    4- Allen Bradford 6th round ( was suppose to create a heavy hitting backfield with Blount)
    5- Myron Lewis 3rd round ( was to be Barber successor)
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    I agree with the lists above. I would also add that he's been one of the best GM's at finding talent in the 7th round.

    2009 - Sammy Stroughter, EJ Biggers
    2010 - Erik Lorig, Dekoda Watson, Cody Grimm
    2011 - Anthony Gaitor
    2012 - Michael Smith

    Not a bad list at all. Lorig should be our fullback for quite some time and guys like Watson, Gaitor, and Biggers should provide quality depth for us going forward. Smith might make an impact somewhere down the line, too.

    Stroughter and Grimm were great picks at the time, but unfortunately have battled injuries every year. I don't expect them back with us next season.
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