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Thread: Travis Zajac

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    Travis Zajac will not be traded to anyone. He has great chemstry with Zach Parise. Travis is not a third liner either. He's easily a top six forward.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angelfan87 View Post
    I think that would definitely be a big plus and can help us out. But I think our main focus should be defense. With Neidermeyer now retired and the ducks trading away eminger. I think we need to get another solid defensemen.
    I think one more solid defensive man would make all the difference, someone like Kabrale who could play with Fowler, and with vish. playing great this year, it would take some of the pressure off him. I think Zajac would be pretty good move to but I would put a solid Dee in front of that deal. Also A 2nd line winger or 3rd line winger would be good as well. We need to get more production from our 3rd and 4th lines. I hope Koivu can get some points down the stretch i know he does other things to help the team win, but if he can just keep feeding Selanne the puck it will all work out haha.

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    the devs would be stupid to trade zajac he's one of the most underrated players in the NHL, to me he's their new john madden who was great for years on the devs......he's not going anywhere.....but you can have brian rolston lolll

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    He would be great to pick up but the devils will not trade him.

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