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    Expectations For Next Season?

    Just wondering what your expectations are for next season for things like:
    Where we finishing in the standings?
    Point totals for the players ?


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    I don't see us doing a whole hell of a lot since its the same team of last season minus Moore, Metropolit, S.Kostitysn(don't matter we still got Andrei who'll be gone one way or another after this season), and last but not least our heart and soul of the playoffs, JARO HALAK.

    I predict we finish 4th in our division behind Toronto(Armstrong, Versteeg), Boston(Seguin, Horton), and Ottawa(Gonchar). We stayed the same and the teams around us got better. Cammalleri will have to take the load on his shoulders for another season which will ware and tear at him even more.

    Our D may improve slightly that is if we can play Subban the top minutes he needs to play. Hamrlik and Spacek will continue to hold down the likes of Marky and Subban though, and lets hope Gorges and Gill can stay healthy since they are the warriors of our D and made Halak shine.

    Not really anticipating the season, as I felt finally this summer we'd acquire some big, gritty, hard nosed forward with an attitude and edge to scare the opposition just a little bit.

    Overall, I give Pierre Gauthier a C- with the moves he's made so far. Pooliout and Darche being re-signed is sickening considering we could have replaced them with the likes of Alexandre Giroux or Brett Sterling(hungry young players looking to crack an NHL line-up for once.) Not to mention we gave Plekanec an undeservable pay raise to risk looking like bigger fools in not losing him like everyone else to free agency.

    Other then that until we get some size up front, its gonna be another battle for 8th spot season which is getting very tiresome already for us die hard fans who just want victory again. 93's been long enough for me, to not win a championship the entire 2000's so far is disrespectful and sickening to our legends and greats doning that jersey. Time to end the drought already guys.
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