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I think the key distinction in the discussion is the assessment of the status of the farm system vs the reason why their farm system is currently not stocked with prospects and what that says about the organization.

While their success from 2006 ( and before as they were several times in hunt for playoffs before 2007) to 2011 is irrelevant to the status of their current farm system, it is directly relevant to why their system is currently ranked where it is. They would have a terrific system if they never traded for Halladay, Pence, Oswald, etc and if they had finished in last multiple times in last 10 years but we would have missed out on multiple trips to postseason and a lot of exciting baseball.
I have no issue with a direct assessment of their system , I just reject any argument that it reflects poorly on the organization.

The padres have a great system because they traded away all their major league talent for prospects. The rangers I admit have won and built a good system.

My complaint is an assessment that Biddle projects as a relief pitcher only as this is clearly out of step with every publication that projects him as a probable 3 starter and maybe better and just strikes me as being unjustly negative about the organization's status
Why does everything have to be based on a publication? Its okay to have your own opinion especially when it comes from a respected member in the prospect forum ATeam). I do however believe and hope Biddle will be in the rotation.