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I like their strategy in concept, but they definitely over-do it at times. Hewitt may have been one of those times. But then again, look at the guys who would have been on the draft board when they made that pick. Most of them are boring, low impact players. Anthony Hewitt was practically universally accepted as the player with the best tools in the draft. Why not throw the dice (especially when you have 7 picks in the top 3 rounds).

The Hewitt decision makes sense in retrospect even if it doesn't look like it will work out (and I hated it when it happened).

The Phillies don't want to develop low impact prospects. That's their choice and I don't necessarily disagree with it...
If I remember correctly I was hoping for Gerrit Cole or Casey Kelly. Cole never signed, Kelly looks like a strong pitching prospect though, but you're right that there weren't many options late in the first round of that Draft.

By the way, the next four Philadelphia picks after the Hewitt selection were Collier, Gose, Knapp and Worely, not bad. Its just I can't get over that Hewitt selection.