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    Three incoming UCLA freshman dismissed from team

    UCLA football coach Rick Neuheisel dismissed three incoming freshmen -- wideout Paul Richardson, cornerback Shaquille Richardson and linebacker Josh Shirley -- from the team for violating rules, the program announced Tuesday.

    "The three young men know they made a terrible mistake," Neuheisel said in a statement released by the school. "We expect our players to behave a certain way and there are consequences when they don't. Paul, Shaquille and Josh are paying a steep price for their lapse in judgment. They will not be allowed to enroll in school this fall and will not have the opportunity to begin their UCLA academic and athletic careers."

    The three, who had been enrolled in summer school, were arrested by University of California Police on June 23 on suspicion of stealing a purse and face felony theft charges. The Richardsons, who are cousins, and Shirley have been dropped from summer courses and may face additional punishment from the Office of the Dean of Students, according to the school's release.

    The three will not be allowed to enroll for the fall quarter, which begins in late September. They may be able to enroll in January if they meet requirements set by Neuheisel.

    "That decision will be based on several factors, including their behavior," Neuheisel said.

    I don't know anything about the two Richardsons, but Shirley was a hell of an athlete...I watched some tape on him (because Miami was recruiting him) and he is definitely a baller...VERY stupid decision by these young men though.

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    Paul Richardson could have been a stud as well. These guys certainly were not thinking about their futures.
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    Ah that sucks poor kids made a bad decision and got the boot. Sucks because they are only Kids 3 incoming freshman at summerschool. so they literally graduated highschool like a month of two ago and now just got booted from a D-1 University. Not defending what they did but come on have a heart they are still just children.

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    Exactly they could have played football and gone to a great D-1 school and they threw it away, idiots.

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