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    What Gauthier should do...

    We desperately need size up front! Our number one priority is to get rid of the Kostitsyn's. They have honestly been a bust since they've arrived and they obviously learnt a thing or two from you know who, Kovalev. I'd be happy with just a 3rd round pick for either one of them as their trade value is not exactly high in my standards and probably 29 other guys oponion(wink wink).

    Hamrlik(possibly deadline deal depending on production), Metropolit(age, injury prone), Moore(MUST SIGN), Darche(goodbye), Pouliot(slow, but possibly a breakout on another team...), Mara(gone, good guy, but gone) and Pyatt(SIGN HIM) are basically the core of players on the in and out for our class B free agents.

    Price/Halak - the big debate begins on who to keep. And for my personal oponion, I say try to sign both, Halak in the 3-3.3M range 2 yr deal and Price on a 1 yr 1.2M(Metropolit salary). I know that's talking out of my ___, but in reality one of the has to go, and I say let Halak go. Price has had a season to watch and learn once again exactly what it takes to play in the NHL, he has to stay on his skates, come out of the net a ft. and try to intimidate the shooters. Price is a tall goalie and looks big in the net, and he has a ton of potential to be a good goalie in the league, I think next year will finally be a rebound year for Carey Price regardless of where he plays. I will be dissapointed if we trade or let him sign an offer sheet.

    Plekanec - After a sub-par season in which he scored a carear high points, Pleks game was somewhat alright in the Washington series, then as I expected vanished in the Pittsburgh and Philly series. The guy is a great 2 way player, but for a 1st line C he is unbearable in the big games and doesn't perform like in the regular season. Especially against Philly where he could barely keep up with the like of Hartnell and Asham... I say if the price is to high, let him walk and try to somehow lure Patty Marleau or look in the trade department(Nathan Horton?)

    Overall a quick analysis of my oponions on our team, anyone with input on who we should sign, or what free agents to go for, please post.

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    In my opinion, Pyatt, Lapierre and Moore will be the only forwards resigned. The most I would give Plekanec is 4.5 per year, and he knows he can get at least 5 on the open market to a desperate team so he's as good as gone. I don't think this team can't win with two smaller overpaid centers (Gomez and potentially Plekanec)

    Goalies: In terms of who to keep between Halak and Price, I think it ultimately comes down to who can get they can get the better trade for. Obviously they can't keep both of them, regardless of how much Gauthier wants to. They are both starting material, and the decision has to come this summer on which one to keep. The preferred package would be one of the goalies for a forward with size (ie. Jeff Carter, who may be expendable).

    Who needs to go: Hamrlik, both Kostitsyns, no need to explain why.

    What Montreal needs to add: I'd say they need to add 2 top six forwards with size, with plekanec leaving and hamrlik being traded they would be able to address one of the two in free agency, and the other by trading one of the goalies. Also, a top 4 all-round defenceman would be a good addition.

    Trade Hamrlik for a bag of pucks, maybe throw in a third rounder if necessary
    Trade Halak for jeff carter
    - michael leighton isnt there future, finally a goalie for philly, montreal gets their big center
    Sign andrew ladd to an offer sheet around 2.5 per year
    - chicago is in serious cap problems
    Sign mike comrie for around 1.5 - 2 per year
    Sign willie mitchell for 3 per year
    - coming off a concussion so he could be had for cheap, could be a perfect complement to markov
    Call up Maxwell and Trotter

    Bigger, more balanced lineup, should be borderline salary cap
    Definitely cup contender

    cammalleri (A) - carter - pacioretty
    ladd - gomez - gionta (C)
    comrie - lapierre - moen
    pyatt - maxwell - trotter

    markov (A) - mitchell (A)
    gill - gorges
    spacek - subban

    vet goalie


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    Mar 2010
    Switch Moore for Maxwell
    - it is asking a lot for pacioretty to play first line duty, but if he can put in 15-20 goals and playing in front of the goalie, he could succeed
    - every line has some size, grit, and scoring ability
    - leadership and experience in gomez, gionta, cammalleri, markov, gill, mitchell
    - 2 powerplay quaterbacks (subban, markov), both powerplay units could be deadly
    - if price can play well with an improved defence in front of him, this team could be a cup contender

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    Mind you, this is a perfect world, where everything I say works out!
    I always thought that Gomez would do well with Iginla. Sutter is dumb so he would take the salary if Gauthier played him well. Send Gomez, S.Kostitsyn for Regehr. Then flip Halak, Hamrlik and a pick for Vinny. A. Kostitsyn and a pick for Horton. Maybe pick up Asham or S. Thorton (from the hated Bruins, always liked the way he played) and maybe a vet goalie that can play 30 games easy (Turco). Then you promote to fill:

    Cammy - Vinny - Gionta
    Pacioretty - Horton - Moen
    Pyatt - Moore - Lapierre
    G. Stewart (always liked0 - R. White - Asham/Thorton

    Markov - O'Byrne
    Regehr - Subban
    Gill - Gorges
    Spacek (too bad about this guy)

    Turco (maybe Desjardins if he can perform)

    Based on Turco getting 2.5 mill and Price at 3.00 mill then we would be sitting around 55 mill.

    Anyways a guy can dream.

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