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    Masoli dismissed from football team

    The University of Oregon says quarterback Jeremiah Masoli has been dismissed from the football team because of a "failure to adhere to obligations" outlined by coach Chip Kelly.

    Kelly had already suspended Masoli for the entire 2010 season after the QB pleaded guilty to burglary for his role in the theft of laptops from an Oregon fraternity.

    Masoli, who led the Ducks to the Rose Bowl last season, has one year of eligibility remaining.

    Kelly declined to comment.

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    Old news, but it still hurts.

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    Beaver fan here

    Masoli made a mistake and i am sure he is very regretful for what he did now that he has a chance to look back on the whole thing. Honestly who doesn't make a mistake especially when they are only 22 years old.

    Last year at the civil-war i remember there was a 4th down and he just bulldozed one of our Corners to get the first and clinch the win and Pac-10. Masoli was a great player to watch he wasn't the greatest passer but he wanted to win and would sacrifice his body and more to do so.
    I respected him a lot for the way he played football just a bummer he wont be playing again.

    Good luck to you duck fans hopefully one of us will win the pac-10 just as long as its not those stupid trojans!

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    Wow... I just don't get some athletes and how immature they are.

    "King Felix has hurled more mega quality starts since 2010 than 14 entire MLB teams."

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