Who will Tallon deem worthy of staying, and who will he try to send on there way? He's already praised the likes of Kulikov, Ballard, Weiss, Horton, Booth, McCabe, and Garrison (may be forgetting someone off the top of my head), but he's also said he's open to the possibility of trades.

NOW, I realize this is a bit of a stretch, but Patrick Marleau is a FA come July. Tallon is looking for a bigger No.1/2 center, because we all know Weiss (last years leading scorer) at 5'11 is better suited as a 2nd liner. Marleau is 6'2 220, and he put up 40+ goals last season. I sincerely believe he and Horton could start to dominate and take over games. Now, I'm not sure if Marleau is really looking to leave the Sharks, but after all he hasn't signed an extension. Going from a team in the Western Conference Finals to the Panthers is a bit of a stretch, I'm aware, but maybe Tallon can pitch him the idea that if he came here and turned this program around he would be a sure fire HOFer... Or at least get a spot in the new Panthers Den of pride, or w/e they're calling it haha.

ANyway, as I said before, who would you like to see go, and who would you like to see in a Panthers jersey next season? I really think Tallon will shop Olesz and probably get rid of him for someone who makes a 3rd liners salary, but has proven more consistent. He'll probably sell Olesz upside and size. I really like Olesz, but he's just not cutting it.

Also, I can't recall Frolik getting any praise (he may have, just don't remember) does anyone think that could be a hint at something?

Lets get some posts going people!!