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Thread: Announcements

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    Announcements will go here. Only Ron and I will be posting here.

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    Rules that were passed by the community at large:

    Roster floors
    If a team has less then 10 pitchers on their MLB team, their team will be auto'd.
    If a team has less then 20 total players on their MLB team, their team will be auto'd.
    You will get one warning, then your team will be auto'd.
    You can send a player age 22-26 to winterball, only if they did not go the season before.

    You can give them a single concentration. (contact, gap, power, eye, avk, defense at 1 position, speed ratings for hitters... stuff, control, movement, stamina, gb% and extra pitch for pitchers)

    we will go to and get a number between -5 and +5. The number will be given to that player's concentration in Website Ratings (not editor ratings), only overalls.

    For 'extra pitch' for the pitchers, if they get a positive number, then they add a pitch, if negative, they lose a certain amount on all their current pitches, and they can only ask for an extra pitch if they have 4 or less pitches already.
    Media Contract

    Reset every teams Media Contract to 45M
    Ceiling - 60M
    Floor - 30M

    Every year your team has the ability to change it's media contract for the following year based on performance.

    sub .500 season - lose 1M
    90 losses - lose 1M
    above .500 season - gain 1M
    Playoffs - gain 500K
    WS appearance - gain 500K
    WS Winner - gain 500K

    Rotation Limits
    No team can have a 4-man rotation until the final month of the regular season. Playoffs are excluded.

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    Ron forgot to do the trades after today's sim. Those that were supposed to be done today will be done PRIOR to Spring Training. So if you want the players in your lineups or whatever, please allow spots for them in your exports and let me know, so that i will go and put them there.

    If you do lineup threads. Just put an * next to the player's name in your lineups and i'll know that they will be traded and i'll put them in.

    Trades that were after this morning's sim will be processed at the end of Spring Training like they normally would.

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    Mar 2008
    Ok change of plans.

    All the trades have been done and I posted a new file.

    I won't be doing the reports because that takes over an hour, and i don't have the time to do that right now.

    So if you're exporting, and you were involved in a trade, please re-download so that your new player(s) don't get released when you export.

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    Due to the increased number of bad trades involving new GM's we're going to be instituting a couple changes.

    1) Each new GM (starting from Pittz) will get a guide GM from the other league. Just someone that he can bounce ideas off of and ask any necessary questions.

    2) We're going to be instituting a trade committee to review all trades for GM's with less than 2 years experience. Doogolas, Twitchy and Strife have volunteered their time for this.
    So any deal involving a GM with less than 2 years experience would have to have the approval of 2/3 of them.

    Chicago Bears #23
    Kyle "Cheetah" Fuller

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    Angels are now open. If u know of someone who wants to join let ron or I know.

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