So yeah, me and Buckwheat were talking, and since this board can get cluttered from time to time with the amount of new music threads/dl links that this would help with that+Help people find links

Anyway ill start with some ground rules
1. Anyone can post a new song/mixtape/ep/whatever as long as you include at least a youtube link
2. Don't spam the same thing over and over again
3. Talk about the link your posting, even if it's just the name and artist
4. Comment on other peoples contribution

Ill start off with (alt cover)

ESSO - The Anti-Socialite
Presented by Y&I Music and, new mixtape The Anti-Socialite finds Harlem rapper ESSO painting a vivid picture of life in the age of social media and the Internet.

Over the course of the 15-track set, ESSO offers his thoughts on his city and his past, as well as simply living it up at the local nightclub. Included is the artist’s last feature, Booth-approved leak “New York, New York.”

Production on the project is handled exclusively by soundsmiths Rena1ssance, Woody and NvMe. Guests include Curtis Santiago, XV and Sean Falyon as well as Toronto’s own OB and singer/songwriter Maad*Moiselle.