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    I Write Music And I'd Be Incredibly Appreciative If Someone Listened

    Hey Everyone, Im a relatively young singer-songwriter who released his first ever studio recording not too long ago and Id love to get some constructive feedback. I'd be incredibly appreciative if somebody had some time to throw out a few ideas or point me in the right direction for a fitting choreography for the vibe.

    Link to song:

    The song feature the journey of an individual taking the journey down an old railway line to somebody worth the long trek. I appreciate you taking the time to listen and Id be happy any questions you may have.


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    I Write Music And I'd Be Incredibly Appreciative If Someone Listened

    In general, it's a little too mainstream for me. I like a little danger and experimentation or at least original arrangements in the music I listen to. Don't get me wrong, you have your hooks, but the lyrics in particular really take me out of the song and I'm not a lyrics priority listener.

    The recording and mix sounds good. Things sit well with each other. Arrangement wise, it needs to get into the first chorus quicker or at least bring in some instrumentation, especially drums or a hard bass line to move it forward. Definitely do not drop back down after the first chorus. With all of that resting after the mostly parallel movement between the vocals & guitar, it really drags it down.

    Good luck with it.
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