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Thread: Alabama

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    DIrTY DirD
    Quote Originally Posted by SATX_2K7 View Post
    The only text book scam is run by colleges and universities across the country whereby they up the price on textbooks knowing students HAVE to buy them. Not to mention Professors getting paid off by certain companies so that he/she may force his/her students to pay $150 for a book worth no more than $15.

    Your kind makes me sick.
    uhh, ya, you totally missed the boat on this one

    Like all Bama fans, only knowledgeable...... ......never

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    offense still loves weak

    not much of a pass rush on defense...even when we blitz

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    Quote Originally Posted by BullsFan_1 View Post
    To answer your question though, I'll try to give you everything I know...I'm a Canes fan, so I may not be 100%.

    Biggest Rivals: Alabama and Tennessee ummm I'm pretty sure auburn is a bigger rivalry hence the whole iron bowl thing

    Stars: Mark Ingram, Trent Richardson, Marcel Dareus, Julio Jones

    As far as info...twitter usually has some informative info on individual schools...I get a lot of Miami info from a fansite as well as a unofficial team board.

    The scout free message boards are decent...but there are a lot of morons there.

    Michael Wacha

    5-5, 2.79 Era, 83 So, 1.12 Whip

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    That was posted two years ago, but I'm pretty sure I meant Auburn and Tennesse, considering this thread is about Bammer.

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