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O you mean kinda like in the mide 90's through the mid 2000's when VOL fans would sing "we own alabama" O ok, i'm with you now, Bama fan's are so damn arrogant and, haven't done anything in CFB for the better part of 2 decades, get lucky one yr. and when theyr'e 87th national title ( depending on which bama fan you ask) and think they're this huge juggernaut, when the fact remains, that even last season, with our putrid offense, you still needed a blocked FG to beat us........all I got to say, is i'll halla at you come the 3rd week of October SON
I'd rather be arrogant than come across as a stupid kid who abuses the English language.

How do you get "when they're"?

That's just one of the many errors you made in your post. "Holla" at me when you grasp the language, SON!