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I grew up in Reading, MA (15.5 mi from Fenway) and am old enough to remember watching the Sox on a rotary dial tuner TV that you hand to hang on to the antenna just to get a decent signal on a rainy saturday afternoon. I recall the "best doggone team in the land" commercials WSBK used to run, the Bucky ^%&*$ Dent game (which we watched on TV in my fifth grade class!). I was smack dab in the middle of Mets Mania in '86 -- I was a freshman at Cornell university and outnumbered about 98-2 watching the WS on a community TV. I was eating dinner at my sister-in-laws while watching Petey come in from the 'pen in the playoffs and '03 I felt like Aaron )(*^&(*&^(*&^ Boone shot my dog.

In '04 I infected my son with this Sox disease. We caught the next-to-last game of the season in BAL (my brother-in-law lives spitting distance from Camden). That game sealed the deal for him. In a 20x15 seat section of box seats the only two O's fans were my brother-in-law and nephew. My son cheered every pitch and got high-5's from everyone when the Sox scored. He can still tell you every play from the game.

Anyway, I'm now 38 and living in Greenville, SC -- home of the Sox mid-A affiliate Greenville Drive and their new West End Park home modeled on Fenway. By day I'm a programmer (C++, C#, Ruby) and I have an affinity for numbers which will probably be apparent soon enough... I've got a BS in Elec Engr from Cornell and a MS in Biblical Studies from Gordon-Conwell. Enough background?


great to have you aboard andy/redsoxtober. i have a friend at cornell right now thats going for a double major in enviornmental and aeronautical engineering. im not sure if he's still alive...

be sure to head to those greenville drive games and tell us how those kids are doing