I'm going to be cheering for the Sharks tonight, like every game. I hope they bring some edge. I hope the other team doesn't own the ice. I hope the blue line has a good game.

"You don't win unless your goaltender is playing very well," Sharks captain Rob Blake said. "You rely on your goaltender to win some games for you, and Nabby is more than capable of doing that."(today's SJ Merc)

True, Rob Blake, very true. Sadly it is also true that the blue line in front of Nabby does not come close to matching Nabby's skill, or, much more important, his grit. Not even close.

I always wished the Sharks would get Rob Blake, but I was hoping he would bring that slap shot of his, Sadly, there is not a real slap shot on this team.

This best of 7 will go to the team that takes it. I hope the Sharks stop playing for style points.