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    Official 2011 Salary Cap Thread

    Since we're virtually done with our offseason moves for 2010, it's time to look to our cap situation for next season.

    On the books:
    Stoudemire $18.23M
    Felton $8.25M
    Turiaf $4.36M (PO)
    Gallinari $4.19M (TO)
    Mozgov $3.24M (TO)
    Randolph $2.91M (TO)
    Mason $1.52M (TO)
    Douglas $1.15M (TO)
    Walker $0.92M (TO)
    Jordan $0.76M (TO)
    Landry $0.76M (TO)
    Rautins $0.76M (TO)

    TOTAL = $47.05M

    Cap Holds:
    Curry $16.92M (150% Bird)
    Chandler $6.93M (RFA)
    Azubuike $6.73M (200% Bird)
    First Rounder $1.50M (approx)

    TOTAL = $32.98M


    Now, of course we'd renounce the rights to Curry. But assuming we don't renounce any other rights and pick up all the team options (Turiaf won't turn down his $4M), assuming a $58M cap, our cap space will be -$4.12M.

    If we renounce the rights to Mason, Curry, Azubuike, and Chandler our cap room will be

    For us to get to the $17.4M we need to sign a max contract we would need to renounce the rights to (or pull off a S&T for the max guy using) Chandler, Azubuike, Curry (obviously), and then on top of that either we give up on Gallinari OR Randolph OR Douglas/Walker/Rookie Trio.

    Best chance of a max contract in 2011: Sign and Trade using some combination of HOU'11 #1, Chandler, Gallinari and/or Azubuike.
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    2011 Knicks Salary Cap Information

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