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    Preview of Rutgers 2010 Season

    With Rutgers 2009 season being satisfactory, their 2010 season looks bright. In 2009 the emergance of QB Tom Savage, WR Mohamud Sanu, and RB Joe Martnick had apposing defenses cower in fear. Tom Savage showed why Rutgers was exreamly persistent in getting him, he passed for over 1,000 yards and had more TDs than Int. Mohamud Sanu came to Rutgers as a Saftey but transferred into a top WR that complemented Tom Savage exponentially. He played wild cat and made a huge impact on there team. Joe Martnick wasn't the most exciting RB to watch but he got the job done. He rushed for just under 1,000 yards and helped out in the passing game. Rutgers 2010 recruiting class includes 2 top 20 athletes who will both play in the secondary. But my favorite addition in Brandon Coleman. The 6-6 WR will present Tom Savage a huge target. He will be a huge target in the red zone. I believe Rutgers will finish 1-3 in the big east. Some might call me crazy but no team stands out as the clear cut favorite.

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    Tom Savagegod

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