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    Quote Originally Posted by Hustla23 View Post
    Despite all its cheesiness, Bloodsport is the greatest fighting movie of all time.

    Frank Dux ! ! ! !

    I could watch it over and over again.
    The entire movie was based around a lie as Frank Dux was a con artist and never done any of the things claimed in the movie. All the same the movie is extremely bad ***....

    Thank you sir. The movie is really cheesy with some funny parts but at the end the last fight scene is so cool.

    Marcus Mariota

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReJo View Post
    "So Close"
    Best martial arts movie in which the main characters were chicks. The sisters in that movie would whoop the **** out of Uma Thurman and they're 1000 times hotter.
    Shu Qi (The girl in Transporter 1 and one of the girls in So Close) is yummy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sick Of It All View Post
    ...but seriously

    1.The Way of The Dragon (Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris)
    2.Kill Bill Volume 1
    3.Shogun Assassin
    4.5 Deadly Venoms
    6.Game of Death
    7.Fist of Legend
    8.Drunken Master
    9.Karate Kid
    10.Kung Fu Hustle
    11. Seven Samurai
    12.Drunken Master II
    13.Shaolin Temple
    14.Iron Monkey
    15.The 36th Chamber of Shaolin
    Well done!

    Quote Originally Posted by still1ballin View Post
    Kung Fu Panda
    When Po started doing "Drunken Fat Han" was cemented as one of my favorite movies of all time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Underdogz∞ View Post
    I'd take Mingo over Jones too guess I'm an idiot too.

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    36 chambers although you should watch anything Master Killer (Gordon Liu) is in.

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