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    Oregon A.D. Mike Bellotti steps down for job at ESPN

    Man this caught me by surprise. I had my doubts that he could handle the job but I thought he would be here a little bit longer. This is probably a move so that he can jump into coaching again in a year or two.
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    Watching Bellotti perform his duties as an A.D. was like watching a Duck (pun intended) trying to make love to a football. It was, in a word, pathetic. He had to fire the Oregon Men's Basketball Coach because of numerous losses on the court, and at the gate. Attendance had fallen way off. The football program is in shambles. I agree that this is a move to free himself if a good HC job comes along at the end of 2010. Just remember that Oregon forced Bellotti's hand. He did not want to leave his duties as Head Football Coach until this year, but Oregon forced him to leave if he wanted the A.D. job.

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    Happy to see him go because he was worthless as an AD, but sad in the sense that he revived Oregon football to what it is today.

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