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Before I vote let me say, I play in a 5 year standing keeper league with some guys from college. Itís not an issue to bring in new guys/owners in keeper leagues. You just (A) give them an old quitting playerís roster (IE if he left the league so a new owner takes over) Kinda like just a new owner bought the team IRL. OR (B) if there is no team roster available to take over, he is an expansion team and will draft 1st. In the case of several new players joining, some method to determine draft order for the new owners is used IE number drawing or something.

Anywho, /IF/ I am in?, I will vote for using last years rosters as I feel half the fun of a keeper league is building your roster fro the get to. As stated above itís not a big deal either way as far as I am concerned, but thatís my preference. The point of a keeper league is to build for a dynasty/future anyways right so 1 year in the dog house is not a big thing to hammy.
I agree with everything you said. I too enjoy building a roster. But, the ONLY gripe I have about using last years roster is that we did not draft with that in mind. That being said, those teams that have the high value keepers are then due to mere luck rather than any draft strategy in mind.

Also, I think there are several (3 or more) regulars in PSD that would like to play, and since this is a PSD fantasy league, they should be allowed to. I'm not sure we'll have that many drop from last year to make room for them all. But, I'd be down for uping to a 14 team league if people are interested. I actually prefer 14 team leagues since they are more challenging.

One more note regarding the draft:

The draft order during next years draft will be based on how well your team does. So, the team that wins it all will get the last pick of the draft, depending on how many keepers they retain.