So the forum where I used to post my training log has mysteriously disappeared...All of the logging that I did over the past ~5 years is now off the face of the internet, never to be seen again.

So I dont know if this is appropriate, or if there should be a subforum made for training journals, but I wanted to just post my training somewhere (other than and try to help people out and also get help myself.

School has really sucked this semester, I've already lost 6-8 lbs, I get lazy and just dont eat or pack lunch for school. Training has been relatively inconsistent at best but I will do my best to reverse this.

Even though i've lost weight and have been getting some bad sleep, I felt like I havent really lost much at all.

I weighed myself and I was 178-179 lbs, down from about 184 lbs.

Today I just wanted to see where my squat and bench is.

Worked up to 305 on flat bench, got it up halfway and spotter touched it...So i dont know if i would've gotten it or not, but im not giong to count it.

BB Squat - worked up to 315 lbs....Was a bit of a grinder but not too bad. that was a PR

and I know my squat is way too weak compared to my bench, that's because I used to train at a "gym" that had no squat rack so I had chicken legs and still do (somewhat).

Long post