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    Balancing Building Muscle Strength?

    So I have started working out again. Eating a little healthier. Perhaps not healthier, but better portion control. I try not to not eat, I'm going through things so I don't have much of an appetite, because I know it's not healthy to skip meals in general. When I do eat really healthy I usually binge on meals mixed of green veggies, lots of plain lightly seasoned grilled chicken, the occasional steak once or twice a week (no frills, a paleo version), a lot of greek yogurt with fresh fruit cut up (none such as additive), also baby carrots are a great snack (especially because I smoke weed), as is celery and watermelon but fruit in general I go after if its not naturally too sugared.

    Anyways, I'm lifting now and building strength back up and trying to become a stronger more toned individual.

    Off the bat I noticed that my left arm/side of my torso is weaker than the left. Especially doing something like triceps or benching. Is there a certain method I can use to help get my left side as strong as my right while simultaneously adding strength/muscle?
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    Just keep working Out normally, the difference will become smaller n smaller.

    Altho this is probably unnecessary ill just throw it out there. Maybe if u do tricep exercises which require u to do each arm separately it will help ensure that each arm is getting the same workout, rather than usi g both at once and having ur right side do most of the work.

    If u jerk it a lot, switch arms, lol. Kinda serious tho...

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    im having this problem with my chest that i think happend from 2 minor shoulder injuries paired with years of benching elbows out. my left pec is smaller not by too much but i am able to notice. any tips to build to where it should be ould be apprecaited. i already have switched to my left arm for jacking off lol

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