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    Any tips for calisthenics?

    I'm home for the summer and don't really have a gym because most of the ones around me either have a large signup fee or the like.

    I've been doing mostly pushups, pullups and the like for the past month or so but I've noticed there isn't much I can do for shoulders/traps. Any ideas on this?

    I've heard handstand pushups work well, but I have nowhere near the muscle strength nor balance required to successfully do full reps of those.

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    If you have iphone/android download the app "You are your own Gym." Its $0.99 on Android and well worth it. It has a database of ~200 bodyweight exercises ranging from beginner to advanced. It shows you multiple pictures during each exercise so you can see the correct form. There is a companion app with videos. There is also a book with the same title if you check amazon.

    For shoulders and progressing to a handstand pushup start in this position

    If that gets easy you can elevate your legs on a bench or something or elevate your hands so your head has more range of motion before it hits the ground.

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