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Thread: Pitching Arm

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    Pitching Arm

    I am a pitcher on my varsity high school team. When I throw I get a sharp pain in my elbow on the inside. When it happens there is some tendon type thing that pops up, but it only pops up when the pain is happening. Somebody said it was something in my bicep, but it really doesn't help the next day if I ice the night before.
    My coach said I needed to raise my arm angle, but that is hard to do right now mid-season. Does anybody have suggestions what I can do or make the pain less?

    Thanks even though nobody might know.

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    Raising your arm angle is good advise! Your arm is prolly a little too low when releasing the ball which will cause some friction in the elbow as well as inner bicep and possibly the shoulder.

    I understand changing your pitching style is difficult mid season but, what you should try to do is on off day's, practice throwing pitches in the new style so you can get adjusted to it. The pain will only get worse unfortunately unless you fix your form.

    As far as preventative maintenance, ice down the entire arm after the game for a minimum of an hour. Keep your arm in a comfortable position when sleeping, if you have an extra pillow, place your pitching arm on the extra pillow so it is raised while you sleep.

    Heat should be applied either the next day or the day after (depending on the recovery time). Nothing is better for sore muscles than some good heat!

    A couple of alternatives are: Icey hot sleeve, you can wear the sleeve while pitching. An Ace flex sleeve, it will keep the elbow tight and aid in avoiding unnecessary strain.

    Advil! I am a firm believer in advil. I usually pop 4 before my games because of some ankle pains that I have. It really helps!!

    Hope this was helpful.
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