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Thread: Body Fat %

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    Body Fat %

    I've got a few body fat % questions. Body fat is something that I have never really tracked before, so I have no clue how much/easily it can change like weight can. How long of period should you use to track changes in your body fat? Is monthly a good period of time?

    Then to look at measuring body fat. My girlfriend picked up one of these scales that has thin metal plates where you stand (need bare feet). It is supposed to send an electric signal through your body and depending what comes back it calculates your body fat. Im assuming that the electric impulse travels at a different speed when it goes thru muscle as comared to fat, so it can calculate the % based on the time it takes for the signal to get back. Are these types of scales accurate? I also have a wii fit which gives you a body fat %, but I don't know how accurate these are.


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    Those scales are only so-so. Mine fluctuated 5% at any given time when I took my weight within a few minutes of each other.
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    Those scales are not accurate at all. Body calipers are the easiest way to get a fairly accurate measure of body fat. Hydrostatic is the most accurate way though. Some universities offer that for a small fee.

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    Yeah, I've heard those are pretty inaccurate.

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    ive never had one done. idk what i would be. i just have a little bit of fat around my stomach that has been there all my life and it wont go away. but other than that i dont have much fat.

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