I'm Steve AKA Stamina, I don't know most of you so I'll post my bio

5' 11


I fluctuate with my goals. I mainly try to put on mass but if I see my belly is gaining mass as well, then I switch to a light weight routine with alot of reps to trim the fat.

I want to get up to about 225 of solid mass. At my biggest point I was 218 which was about 3 years ago. My body started rejecting the weight at that point so rather than fight the inevitable, I just gave in and ended up dropping to about 190.

I am a power lifter and believe in the big Three! My favorite exercises are:


Shoulder Shrugs

Weighted Dips

Incline Bench press

Standing Military Presses

I train 3-4 times a week depending on my work/life schedule. I also play Softball twice a week and Football once a week.