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    NBC's Caps-Pens coverage

    Dan Steinberg is awesome. This is all from his blog where he talks about what we all know, how painful it is to watch the Caps on national tv...especially against the Pens. The words announcers use in describing both Ovi and Sid, and the teams are quite absurd. I'll highlight a few. I know you all see it too.

    Millbury on Crosby:
    And this guy, he can pass, he can shoot, he can score. I mean, he's really maturing into what everybody thought he was in his draft year, the absolute complete player. I mean, to come in here and say, 'Listen, hey Ovi, I'm still your daddy right now.' Pretty special in the first period."
    Millbury on Ovi:
    Later in the segment, Milbury seemed to have kind words for Ovechkin, but it came out like this: "But somehow magically good players, the puck always winds up back on their stick, whether they're hustling to get it or just, it just finds a way to get back to Ovechkin."

    So Crosby is "the absolute complete player," whereas Ovechkin doesn't even need to hustle and the puck magically winds up with him.
    About Backstrom:
    During the second intermission, Milbury named six players to watch from several Olympic teams, including Sweden. He didn't mention Nicklas Backstrom, who's second in the NHL in plus-minus and fifth in points.

    "One name that wasn't on your list from Sweden, I was a bit surprised, Nicklas Backstrom," McGuire said, then offering a defense of the young center. Milbury listened and then moved on without a word.
    One of my favs, about how Sid looked like he came to play:
    The problem with this approach is that it pre-supposes that Crosby somehow wanted it more than Ovechkin, or anybody else on the ice; that no one else had something special planned, and that you can tell who's going to do what based on their pre-game demeanor. When Ovechkin eventually scored his hat-trick and then assisted on the game winner, there was no corresponding assertion that he had something special planned for this game, or that captains lead at home. In fact, there was plenty of Crosby talk, even after that goal.
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    Two Up Two Down (VA)

    Come on, everyone knows Milbury's a joke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiz kids View Post

    Come on, everyone knows Milbury's a joke.
    He is. That's why I love when others point out the obvious even more. I mean this team is a product of a weak SE Division

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    Well I think Milbury is an idiot but to aswer your question, Caps probabally have about a 5 points extra because of their divison but they would still be the best in the East

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    I hate when NBC covers our games for one reason.

    The NHL tells the referees to keep it close......

    My Dad called it 4 minutes before the game that the Capitals would take 6 penalties minimum that afternoon. What do you know, they took 6....

    I'm sick of the whole money aspect of this league because it almost corrupts games like that. The Caps had to play 7 on 5 because the Penguins are "tired and had a long travel."

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