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    Thoughts on what we can do to turn things around

    Lets face it we have had the same team for what seems like the last 4 season minus Bouwmeester, i really feel like this team needs to blow this thing up. We need to trade guys like Weiss, Horton, Vokoun to try and get some value for them i know Vokoun and Weiss have minor no trade clauses but something needs to be done here. This team is not going to stay in south Florida unless they start winning. I say sell high on these guys and at least give the fans some direction. We do have a few good young players to build around but we don't have enough. We have not drafted well over the years and it's really starting to hurt us. Does anyone else have a suggestion.

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    The team needs to sign some free agents, the last thing this team should do is trade Horton and Weiss. Why would you trade 2 very good players who are locked up long term.

    1. trade Cory Stillman, even if you get like a 7th round pick. He is not worth a cap hit of $3.5 million and he isnt getting any younger.
    2. McCabe is a solid defensemen, but a cap hit of nearly $6m is far too much for him
    3. Keep S. Weiss, he only makes around $3m cap wise and he leads to the team in goals scored and 2nd on the team in points. At $3.1, he really is a steal and you guys have him locked up long term. Trading him would be utterly stupid
    4. KEEP Horton, yes he makes $4m but he leads the team in points. Why would you want to trade Weiss and Horton when they are both locked up to long term, reasonable contracts?
    5. Vokoun is paid a lot, but he has a great save% and an average GAA. I am indifferent about him. Clemenson should not be a starter and I dont know who you have in the minors that could take over
    6. Try your hardest to trade Ballard, $4.2m is way too much for him.

    The team is like in the middle of the pack in goals scored and goals against. They play in the worst division in hockey, as of now, only the Caps would make the playoffs. The team only has a handful of bad contracts. Booth scored 31 goals last year and he is only 25. If he was healthy, the team would like be sitting in the 6-8th seed in the eastern conference. I think the team has 3 stars to build around, booth, horton and weiss. Why would you trade them? They are putting up good numbers and all have very reasonable contracts. But the team has to bring in MORE talent to fill out the other lines.

    I agree that the team really hasnt changed much the last 4 years, but can you imagine HOW BAD this team would be without Horton and Weiss?

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    The reason we have all those overpaid contracts is because nobody wants to play here so we have to play them crazy money. Sure McCabe's cap hit is 5.75 but he's only getting paid around 4 or something like that. Trust me i don't want to trade our good players but we need to shake things up here. We can't just keep puting the same team out there every year and never getting anywhere. I really don't see the Panthers making the playoffs this season and if some big changes don't happen this team will be moved North f the border.

    "A friend in need is a friend to avoid"

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