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    Dec 2009
    Toronto Ontario

    ovi drops the gloves

    i was soo pissed to see bradley take the fight away from ovi! but i now you have to protect your top player n all that wanna know

    what did you guys think

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    Jul 2009
    Baltimore, MD
    i was kinda upset about that too but i was surprised he dropped the gloves in the first place, he doesnt do that often, would i want to see him fight? Heck yeah i would but Bradley did the right thing in protecting him

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    Jul 2008
    sure it was fun to see Ovie drop the gloves, but I was happy Bradley jumped the dude purely for the fact that the other guy is the enforcer/fighter for TB. If Ovie wants to fight, i would be fine if he took on another marginal+ guy. Just dont try to take on someone who already has 48 fights under his belt....

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