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    Quote Originally Posted by rawz View Post
    O.K. Before anyone gets there panties in a wad, let me first say this...

    I love aaron rodgers. I think he is "elite".. He is my second favorite qb besides romo. Deserved the Probowl, and deserves to be considered a top flight qb. All the tools you need.

    But... can we say aaron is a "choker" ? I mean, what is the diffrence between him and romo? look at romo's first full season as a starter.. Actually better then rodgers. Romo in the playoffs, in the games he lost, actually played.. dare I say.. "great". Seriously. Romo loses, it's all him. Romo wins, its anything but him.

    I dont think Aaron is a choker. Really, i never thought romo was. I think every "big game" he won, didnt matter, and any game he lost, was a "big game". But, is everyone now going to say- Aaron cant win a playoff game" ?

    Just saying, its kinda biased, dont you think?

    And as far as not winning a playoff game.. Never heard the end of that... But how come i never hear how long its been since the bengals won a playoff game? (20 years, FYI.) ?

    And, everytime, Non cowboys fans cant come up with a good reason to support there argument, or if they are proven wrong, they just mockinlgy do the "im a hater" routine, and then internet hi five...


    Cowboy fan- Romo has been playing great, evidence by stats, wins, and level of play. Look at this. Furthermore, if you go back, youll see, evidence by stats, wins, youll see that he has been playing at this level since entering the league. He might have even improved. Compare to (insert your teams qb here) and youll see that romo is very comparable, if not better.

    Any other fan: i am de haterz-

    nonplayoff teams fans- hahah hi five! boom roasted!

    can we not do that this thread?

    thanks in advance.

    Now the purpose of this thread is to debate:
    Critisism of Romo, fair? Compare to that of someone like rodgers. (Not comparing talent, comparing wether there critisism is fair.)
    Romo didnt play bad in his 2 playoff loses....

    I think romo and rodgers are alot alike.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rawz View Post
    Fair enough. Rodgers is a great qb. no argument here. I like romo better though..

    have you not seen romo highlights? thats all romo does!

    And romo has put the cowboys on his back multiple times. More so than anyother cowboy qb..

    more yards, more TD's...

    Cowboys go as far as romo takes them.. he is not a "bus driver" qb...

    Cowboys win the superbowl, or next week, make now mistake. ITs ROMO'S team.

    Romo goes down, we aint winning ****.
    i LIKE romo more, i think Rodgers is further along at this point. However that doesn't matter if the 'Boys win the super bowl, does it?

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    Hope to see some new posters around here soon.

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    I think both are very good QB's...I would take Rodgers though. As far as the thread goes....not really sure how you can say Rodgers choked or under performed. The guy had a great game. Person or persons at fault is that defense.

    Romo's botched snap will go down as one of the biggest chokes because it was a botched snap and it was such a routine play. Not entirely fair, but I'd say that's the general feeling.
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    Il take Rodgers any day of Romo. Romo is way to inconsistent , Rodgers seems like he just has full control of whats going on (usuall)

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