[QUOTE=brandonlamana;11949346]And the Patriots didn't drop at least 4 easy picks late in the game, and failed to tackle Eli, and Tyree didn't make the most ridiculous catch off a BAD eli throw. And Eli threw a good pass to a wide open Burress that every starter in the NFL would have made.[/QUOTE]

HAHA wait so let me get this right.... Eli breaking free of a defensive end's grip ,setting his feet and throwing the ball high (where only his receiver could get it) and tyree making and excellent catch had nothing to do with eli? AND how can you try n take credit away from eli on a pass that won a superbowl game? Yes plax was wide open BUT eli threw the ball where it needed to be...You can hate on eli all you want but hes defintly a elite QB. IDK about on his way to canton way to early to tell that .