1. Peyton Manning (great player, multiple MVPs, etc)
2. Tom Brady (up there with Peyton, 3 SBs)
3. Brett Favre (The legend is still playing good)
4. Eli Manning (Youngster on track for a spot in Canton)
5. Big Ben (Hall of Famer so long as injuries dont ruin his career)
6. Drew Brees (great fit with Payton on the Saints. Would not be as good elsewhere)
7. Phil Rivers (Very good, proven QB)
8. Aaron Rodgers (needs to show he can win games vs good teams)
9. Tony Romo (pretty good QB. Playoff victory would be huge for him)
10 Kurt Warner (Arizona is the perfect place for him)
11 Donovan Mcnabb (Good QB dogged by injuries and choking)
12 Matt Ryan
13 Matt Schuab (good player, but still has not ascended into top QB)
14 Jay Cutler (not gonna put too much stock in this season, guys still a solid player)
15 Carson Palmer (overrated. above average QB, not much more)
16 Joe Flacco (solid QB, will get better with time)
17 Vince Young (has the talent, mental questions abound though)
18 Chad Henne (This kid is gonna grow into a very good QB)
19 David Garrard (middle of the road starter whos getting old)
20 Kyle Orton (decent game manager)