The name of the thread says it all.

How long you been a fan? Since 1998 when i watched my first hockey game. I was 5 years old, been a fan for 12 years now.

Approximately how many games have you attended? Over 150 or so, from age 5 to 11 I was going to about 20 games a season, since then my dad has been kind of boy-cotting, but we still go 10 games a year lol.

What jerseys do you have: For my 6th birthday gift I got a Donald Audette white jersey, with the shield on it. Next jersey was a blank white jersey with the crown on it. I have the purple jersey with the shield on it, I've been using it for the past 4 years. Ordered a Anze Kopitar road jersey last week. I also have the 90's Black jersey, autographed by Jeremy Roenick, Alexander Frolov, Eric Belanger, and Pavol Demitra.

Most memorable Kings moment for you: When they beat the Red Wings in 6 games back in the 2001 playoffs. I remember watching there comeback in Game 4...amazing! And being at Staples Center the following year when they played against the Avalanche. 19 seconds into the game, Allison chases after a puck that goes to Roy, Roy poke checks it off Allison's shin and goes in. I was sitting about 20 rows behind that play.

That is my Biography as a Kings fan!