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    AFC teams are better and that's all that matters

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    ^^^^ your ****en crazy!!! you have to have like 10 or more wins to make the wildcard in the nfc look at the afc you win like 9 games and make it. the nfc teams are way more dominant and better this year!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by vigilantex69 View Post
    Just wondering what people thought, I was looking at the Pro Bowl rosters for the WR position and the amount of WR talent in the AFC is just astounding. Sure, arguably the best WR Larry Fitzgerald may be in the NFC, but after that the talent just drops off. Not saying Jackson, Harvin, or Austin arent that good, but still. The AFC's top 5 are probably better than any of the top 5 in the NFC. I mean even when you throw in guys like Wes Welker, Hines Ward, Vincent Jackson, Terrel Owens, and Lee Evans, the AFC just blows them away. I'm also going by sheer WR #1 talent, not guys like Steve Smith on the Giants who get alot of catches because there is noone else to throw to. The NFC brings up the rear but you could make an argument that guys like Wes Welker and Vincent Jackson are more valuable than Steve Smith. My rankings

    1. Andre Johnson
    2. Larry Fitzgerald
    3. Reggie Wayne
    4. Randy Moss
    5. Calvin Johnson
    6. Brandon Marshall
    7. Chad Johnson
    8. Santonio Holmes
    9. Steve Smith (Panthers)
    10. Desean Jackson do you say the top 5 in the AFC are better than any of the top 5 in the AFC, and then list Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald in your top 5?
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