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I feel you dude, i grew up in the bay area, so i was surrounded by those **** suckers. However, the mess he made was 100% his own doing, people can blame the owners or peer pressure, he didn't have to cheat to be great or keep his job he was all ready a top 5 players in the league, it would be like if Migguel Cabrerra started juicing.

which inferior players were passing him up, by the point steroids really became an issue he had all ready won multiple MVP's, he was one of the 5 best players in the league as of 97.
That was something Bonds allegedly said, but it makes sense. I think the story goes he started using before the 2000 season because he just looked around and knew what was going on and knew using was the only way he could be the best. It's that story about how he showed up one camp like 30 pounds heavier just looking yolked. I'm sure you've heard it.