Hi all,

I plan to form an invitation only, 12-16 team advanced fantasy league. It will be an auction draft keeper league, the scoring categories are as yet undetermined and the positions will depend on the size of the league. I'm strongly leaning towards a 12 team league with something like 2 C, 1b, 2b, SS, 3b, MI, CI, 4 OF, 1 CF, UTIL, 9 P. That's something like a 32 player draft (7ish bench sounds right?) as outlined there. I will be looking for somewhere that we can do points H2H* which grades out your categories with points. Otherwise it will be a fairly standard roto.

*Example: Imagine you were doing a 2 category league of HRs and SB and each is worth 1 point. Your team has 12 HR's against 1 HR for your opponent and you have 3 SBs against 4 for your opponent. In a standard categories H2H you would tie 1-1. In a points H2H you get 15 points and your opponent gets 5, so you win. It's more like football in this way.

Those are the basics of the league, nothing is set in stone except that it will be a keeper league with an auction draft. If you would like to be considered for the league, please PM me. This is going to be a high participation league and require a fair bit more attention than the standard yahoo leagues we do. For one, you will need to be prepared for a very lengthy draft on a future weekend date to be named. I've never done an auction draft, but I'm expecting it to run 4 hours...

I'm interested in making this a money league ($20<X<$50). We can gauge the interest in this and our options for collecting the money in a safe and non-costly way. If there's no interest or the specifics are too complicated we can skip that.

I think that covers the basics, PM me if interested. It doesn't have to be PSD regulars or Phillies fans either, I just need to be fairly confident in your participation (so high participation in past yahoo leagues will be considered).